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Web Development

At Fleur we bring you custom websites that are built to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking to build a small e-commerce store for your business, a blog, a basic informational website, an in-company communications website, or even a personal portfolio; Fleur Technologies will work with you to develop a fast and secure website that increases your digital web presence or in-house productivity.

Web Design

Website Design at Fleur Technologies is 100% customizable. We work with clients to create basic sketches of their website and from there create a full wirefame that shows clients how their website will work and flow. We not only design our custom websites, but we design websites that are built on various CMS platforms as well. Fleur will help you navigate the various detials of your website that are often overlooked such as: typography, color scheme, and logo design if needed.

Social Media

Social Media is not a neccessity, however, for companies that are looking to sell products or attract large amounts of individual customers social media is a great tool. The different outlets of social media are all great for different things. Instagram is often better for product based companies that sell online, while Facebook or LinkedIn may be better for large businesses looking to attract other businesses as clients.


Having a website is great, but having a website that ranks higher than your competitors is better. Not every website can be at the top but our goal at Fleur Technologies is to get your website ranking as high as possible on search engines like Google and Bing. Factors that impact your ranking are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Organic Programming, and Paid Advertising.

Domains + Hosting

There are parts to owning a website that are sometimes forgetten in the excitement of actually making one. Things like buying a domain and pointing your website to its hosting platform. This means you have to purchase or build your own host in order to allow people too go to your website when they type the URL into a browser. In addition, larger websites that collect informatin, sell a product, sell a service, blogs, and other types of websites require separate database hosting.

CMS + E-Commerce

Often times your website will be extremely complex with constantly changing data. In these situations Fleur Technologies may recommend a website build on a CMS platform. These CMS platforms are also known as Content Management Services that are pre-built with a large administrative interface allowing for a client too easily change data. While they may be convenient, they are often far more expensive in the long run, difficult to setup for more complex projects, and hard to optimize for speed in comparision with a custom website.

Digital Strategy

Building a website can help your business increase awareness of who and what you are and offer. However, having a Digital Presence is more than just having a website or a Facebook page. Having a Digital Presence is understanding each piece of your own Digital Strategy and using those individual pieces in an overall plan to achieve the goals you set.

Physical Marketing

Some people don't use the internet as much as others. Some of them don't use it at all. However if your service or business is what they are looking for sometimes seeing a physical advertisement from your businesses might be enough to get them to visit you on Facebook or go directly to your website.


A client will never have to worry about the little details when it comes to designing, developing, testing, launching, hosting, creating content, or one of the many other services we can aid you with. Fleur Technologies understands how to take care of the common problems. Problems that cannot be solved immediatley will be sent to the client and fixed as quickly as possible. Websites build by us have a Lifetime Support that includes upgrades, content changes, hosting, domain, and database support, as well as monitoring for issues.