IT Consulting

Many companies utilize older software throughout their websites, in-house infrastructure, and applications. Consult with us to help make business decisions regarding your technology and its future.

If you already have your technical needs taken care of and need assistance with direction business strategy please see our strategy section below to learn more.

Website Design & Development

Fleur offers both website design and development. We create new custom solutions and optimize established ones.

Our most popular website services include design and development of custom websites. In addition, we offer optimization and maintenance of existing solutions. If you are interested in hosting through us we can assist you there as well.

Computer Hardware

For businesses of all sizes Fleur can help outfit your office with new hardware. We do this by taking inventory of your current setup (if you have one) and understanding the needs of your employees.

We help understand what the needs and requirements of the server would be, and help you contract with one of our trusted partners to build, configure, and install the necessary equipment.

Content Creation

For businesses and brands of all kinds Fleur can provide the necessary content to portray who and what you are to your consumers. Content is king! Fleur covers nearly aspect of content creation for your business needs.

Content is king! Fleur covers nearly aspect of content creation for your business needs. Video Editing and Creation, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Physical Marketing and Design. In addition we have multiple ties in the sound and music industry if that is a need.

Mobile Applications

Whether your application is for a revolutionary startup, or an in-house application.

Mobile Applications are becoming increasingly important in many industries like travel and food. Fleur can create Native iOS and Android applications for you, in addition to cross platform mobile using Flutter, Ionic, or React Native.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine audits and analysis of your current website, as well as solutions to improve your rankings.

Not sure how your website is stacking up to the competition? Fleur offers SEO audits that identify and address your websites performance and ranking. Audits can be done as a one time project, or long-term as your platform evolves.

Content Management Systems

For situations that require an a large back-end Fleur may utilize one of many CMS platforms to create a website foundation for your platform.

Not all websites require a custom solution. Let Fleur build your next website using one of the many popular solutions on the market today. This allows for easier use of access for many managers and owners with prior use of CMS platforms like WordPress and SilverStripe.

Strategy & Research

Every decision that you make will impact your business. We help you research and analyze in order to build a fitting strategy for any situation.

We offer Strategy and Research to businesses because many smaller business don't have the resources to do these things themselves. Fleur analyzes your competitors, markets, products, and company goals in order to create a business strategy that will open up opportunities for your company to grow more and more successful.

Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing and social media can often greatly increase the amount of traffic incoming to your business.

Through market and product analysis of your competitors, Fleur utilizes different avenues of information to help you make the decisions on where to target with your products and services.

Game Development

We offer development for games using the Unity platform. Through Unity we can develop cross-platform mobile games for you or your business.

If you are interested in building a game look no further. Fleur can help you on your way to having the next successful big hit! Our two main platforms are Cocos2D and Unity.

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