Pee Dee Forestry

Custom Website

Pee Dee Forestry Services LLC is a forestry company recently founded by Clem Coleman in the Carolinas. Clem has been with the Society of American Foresters for both NC and SC for years now. In addition, his experience dates back over 20 years in the forestry business.

Fleur Technologies

Jordan Healthcare Group

Custom Website | IT | Graphic Design

Fleur is proud to have been with JHG since Day One. We have helped them lay out their in-house technical situation, build them a custom website (which is undergoing a complete makeover 01/02/2019), as well as doing graphic design for some of their clients.

Fleur Technologies


Custom Website | Marketing

SavvyHumans was a website dedicated to custom shopping through research. The company is currently dormant in round two of research. Fleur Technologies built the website from scratch with a payment engine supporting the quick purchasing aspect. With ease of use in mind, the website was marketed towards those who were unsure of the best gift or product to purchase.

Fleur Technologies

Axios Computers

Custom Website | Business Setup | Product Analysis

Axios Computers was the first project ever undertaken by Fleur Technologies. More of a partnership than anything, many of the techniques used by Fleur today found their origins here. While not currently hosted on its own domain, this website allows you to see the complexity of a medium scale project.

Fleur Technologies


Custom Website | Branding | Marketing

Essential Sports Performance, better known as BC2Athlete is a growing supplement company from the Midwest. What started out as a website on WIX turned into a beautiful custom website by Fleur. In addition, their we consult on much of their social media, marketing, and branding decisions.

Fleur Technologies

Seasons Botswana

Content Writing | Marketing | Business Consulting

The first international company that Fleur began working with is a large travel and tourism platform in Botswana. Not only are they the first of their kind in this country, they hit the ground running. We have helped them with their client outreach, defining their brand, and most importantly creating content to recruit users and businesses to the platform.

Fleur Technologies

BC2A Equine

Custom Website | Branding | Social Media

Equine Sports Performance, better known as BC2A is well known internationally for their horse supplements. Fleur Technologies is proud to have built their sister website as well to BC2Athlete.

Fleur Technologies

Owl Tutoring

CMS Website | Business Setup | Market Analysis

Owl Tutoring is a CMS based website built on SquareSpace. In addition, to part of the design and creation of the website, Fleur Technologies played a role in the design of the business itself. From understanding the tutoring market, to setting up the flow of the service, Fleur is proud to have played a part in the creation of this prestigious company.

Fleur Technologies