The Process

Step 1: Consult

The first step in every situation is to establish a connection between the two parties. Once that is complete, goals will be set, proposals and contracts will be written and the project may be initiated.

Step 2: Research

When searching for information Fleur Technologies will utilize case studies, academic papers, researching your competition, or established guidelines by industry leading companies.

Step 3: Design

Website, Graphic, Logo, and UI/UX design at Fleur all are exactly what they sound like. We take wants and needs from you to make the original design blueprints.

At Fleur we design more than graphic solutions. Every Marketing Plan, SEO Audit, Research Analysis, and Writing Project all begin with a well designed plan.

Step 4: Develop

Whether it be the coding of a website or mobile application, or the integration of a new marketing plan, Fleur takes all the information and applies it to the building of the solution.

Step 5: Launch

Once the solution is complete, two rounds of auditing and testing are applied for all software projects. All other projects receive one round of QA Testing. Once complete, if found to successful, LAUNCH!

Step 6: Maintain & Optimize

Maintain: All projects whether software or not will require maintenance. It may be sending weekly reports, keeping tabs on your competition, or applying tweaks; no matter what we are with you every step of the way!

Optimize: Many projects will require large changes down the road or directly before launch. This is where the optimization stage comes in. We use different tests and feedback to fine tune the project.