Business Services

Business Consultation

Our FREE business consultations cover all aspects of your business. This allows us to identify key weaknesses that you are looking to address with Fleur.

Business Plan

Whether your starting a small business for the first time, or an established business looking to receive a loan or take on investors; Fleur is here to help with your business plan. Not only do we have a pre-configured template for you too utilize, but we walk you through the process as well. There is an additional option where we help you research the necessary information and write it for you too.

Business Setup

Often times the business plan is the first step. The second step includes understanding what software and hardware will be required. This includes accounting software, accountants, lawyers, computers, servers and more. Fleur provides the resources that it can and will refer you to trusted sources that we don't provide. You may also need to file paperwork with your local or state government. We help you with every step in order to setup your business as smoothly as possible.

Employee Hiring

The technology industry is one of the most confusing spaces to hire for. For this reason, Fleur can help you understand what role you are trying to fill in your project or company and what skills go alongside this role. From here we are available to help you write up the necessary job post, read resumes, give suggestions, and even sit-in on interviews.

Business Audit

Business Audits are necessary when your business is doing one of three things. One losing lots of money or clients. Two your business is stagnant, with no growth. Three there are other issues that need to be looked at, reviewed, and fixed.

Research and Strategy

Researching and learning new information is the key to understanding your business, your customers, your users, your industry, products, and your competitors. By researching and gathering the necessary information; together we can build strategies to help your company achieve its goals.

Competitor Research

Everybody wants to beat their competitors. Nobody wants to be in second place and in order to beat your competitors, you need to both understand and respect them. In order to do this, you need to research this. Research on your competitors includes: company similarities and differences, product and/or service offerings, potential public information, potential demographic or user information. Utilizing us allows you to focus on running your business while utilizing the information we find and provide you with to tweak decisions in order to out maneuver your competitors.

Market Research

Research on your market and demographic of users is often split into two parts. The first part is an unofficial study of your current user base. We can take data from purchases, analytics software, profile lists, and more to compile current trends in your customers. The second part of the market research is utilizing public repositories of information from the government or open source projects that contain information that provides details on the general populace. We look to find trends that match the general populace and your current user base. From there, we create a marketing campaign to target those demographics.

Industry Research

The industry you are found in is often a misunderstood piece of information. Knowledge on your own industry is something that can keep your business at the top, especially if your business relies on being cutting edge. We offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports on your industry which allows you to stay focus on providing what your customers want and to never stay stagnant. If you aren't interested in ongoing work, Fleur offers industry research as a project as well where you simply utilize us only when needed.

Product Research

Quite possibly the foundation of all business research is the product. In order to sell a product or a service you need to understand all the details. How it is made, where it is made, costs versus revenue. From a services stand point; time versus revenue, location, difficulty, outcome versus process. Product research is necessary whenever you are looking to add a new product or service to your business.

Customer Analysis

Customers, users, shoppers, and clients make up the backbone of ever business. By building good relationships trust is built over time and your business in turn grows. In order to build good relationships you have to make sure you are always catering to your customers. Understand what they want, what they need, what they like, and what they don't. Fleur can help you run studies and analysis on your customers by offering both Customer Analysis as a one time service, and as a long-term project with different intervals. Regardless of the project size, Fleur utilizes current business information to build custom forms, emails, and feedback models to help you gather information.


The services listed below are all in the marketing space. The marketing services can be both mix and matched with each other as well as the services above. Marketing is the process of selling your product or service to others through an avenue such as email lists, local businesses, sponsors, and events.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing (EM) is a common service utilized in businesses of all sizes. EM includes the process of setting up a form on your website or social media where customers can sign up or join. Generally companies that utilize EM have a newsletter or utilize email campaigns to send out daily or weekly deals on products or services.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing is something that businesses with a large presence and high levels of trust don't focus on specifically as it was already focused on, or was never an issue. Small businesses that focus on small towns and local business should consider marketing locally. Marketing locally includes physical banners, billboards, and business marketing. Fleur helps you navigate these deals and find advertisements opportunities that are within your budget.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing goes alongside Local Marketing but goes even farther for small businesses and sole proprietors. This includes utilizing business cards, small posters, and brochures at small local establishments that offer job boards or business postings. This is an easy and cheap way to get local leads.

Local Event Marketing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from participating in or offering free samples at local events and conventions. Fleur can help you find events that fit your business where you can easily find new leads and gain businesses exposure.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship is often a great way to gain exposure and build trust with local communities. Fleur can help organize and navigate you through the process of offering sponsorships. Possibilities include local sports teams, educational institutes, scholarships, and donations.