Computer Hardware

Custom Computers

Fleur Technologies had its roots in Axios Computers before Fleur even existed. This means our computer hardware division and partnerships are all high end. Fleur can help you spec out a computer, build you custom computer, and have it shipped right to your door! See the list to the right to find out what industries can benefit from custom computers.

Industries & People

  • Video Editing & Rendering
  • Manufacturing & 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design & Photography
  • Research Workstation
  • CAD Workstation
  • Simulation Workstation
  • CAD Designers
  • Workstation for Engineers
  • AI, Deep Learning & ML

Bulk Computer Orders

In addition to building computer computers, we offer a Bulk Order Option. All orders over 10 are considered bulk and will receive both a discount and custom matching. This means we add a custom boot image, make all the computers look the same (yes, custom cases can be purchased), and configure all the computers to match company standards.

Custom Servers

With the increasing availability to host websites, applications, databases, and more through PaaS companies like AWS, Bluehost, and more; there is not always a reason to worry about deploying a custom server in-house.

Computer Accessories

You and your employees can't have computers without the necessary accessories. Monitors, keyboards, mice, surge protectors, speakers, headphones, and more! Go through Fleur to find the best deal for everything you need to add, upgrade, or expand your companies computer hardware setup.

Refurbished Computers

Fleur Technologies is proud to offer a partnership with Lyte Technology for refurbished computers and used computers. What this means is for sole proprietors with a low budget, companies that employ part time employees, or businesses that utilize cloud based software you can save big. Lyte Technology takes all the used computers apart, cleans, tests, and fixes whatever is needed. This is a great way to get a high end computer at a great price.

Local Services Only

The following services are currently only offered in the Chicago land area, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please note that projects of substantial size can be done outside of Chicago.

Computer Installation

By purchasing computer hardware in the Midwest -- both computers and servers -- Fleur or Lyte will be able to do a local install and setup.

Software Setup

The setting up of software is generally when you or your company needs to add new programs or operating systems to more than one system. In this situation Fleur or Lyte can come on-site and do the work from there. In certain situations we may be able to do this remotely.

Office Hardware Setup

In addition to local computer install we setup the necessary hardware accessories as well. Configuring printers, routing wires through the office, making sure keyboards, mice, etc all connect and work.

On-site Hardware Audit

A hardware audit is when Fleur or Lyte come on-site and take note of your current hardware setup. From here we compare this against two things. One, the industry standard and two, what the minimum configuration to run your operation smoothly is by our estimates. From here we can come up with a plan to upgrade your hardware.

On-site IT Audit

Similar to the hardware audit above, this one simply goes for Information Technology. In this situation we come on-site and check your router and intra-net setup. Speed, security, and more. In addition, we can also check LAN between computers, and the software being run as well on all devices.