Content Creation

Graphic Design

We are well known for our high end graphic design work. Fleur does a variety of graphic design in-house, and employs a variety of contractors as well. This means if you don't like the style of one designer we try somebody else. Our designers excel at web graphics, logos, branding, and print design.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the first thing a consumer, a business, or a potential client see when they first go to your website, or when you hand them a business card. The reason is because it pops and is meant to catch someones eye. Make sure your logo is up to par by using Fleur for your logo today!

Content Writing

Content Writing is often part research, part writing. Fleur Technologies excels at creating written content for your website, blog, application, emails, e-books, and more! We charge a flat fee per word for all projects.

Content Editing

Content that was written previously needs to sound a certain way depending on the audience. If you are writing blog posts for parents about new recipes their kids will like you want to make sure your content sounds familiar and friendly, but if you have a website that sells your legal counsel you will most definitely want more professional sounding content. In addition, grammar and punctuation make a huge difference and need to be optimized. Fleur once again charges a flat rate per word for our editing services.

Education Tools

The process of training new employees or introducing contractors to your business is time consuming and often error prone. Allow Fleur to utilize our graphic and IT skills to build simple tutorials, presentations, and even simple example project walk-throughs for your newest additions. This allows you to focus your time and resources on business while still offering high quality training to new employees and contractors.

Video Creation

Videos are an amazing way to get across your message, your services, or an advertisement. Fleur Technologies can hep with your video creation today.

Video Editing

Editing Existing Videos adding animations using our tools check text