Game Development

Mobile 2D Development

Cocos2D is a family of cross platform frameworks used to develop mobile applications and games. The cool part about this family is the same framework is built in a variety of ways. The framework can be paired with Swift, Python, or JavaScript just to name a few while still having strong performance and cross-platform capabilities.

Mobile 3D Development

Unity is a very popular engine for building games and occasionally applications. While the framework adds a bit of weight to the overall application size, the Graphical User Interface elements are high-quality and the engine allows for 3D development across all devices.

Game Development

Unity Development can be used for game development on desktop platforms as well. This means you can have a game built for Mac and Windows with one code base. This saves developers time and saves you money. While it is always recommended to build applications, games, and programs natively if possible this is a great alternative!