Mobile Applications

Native | iOS

Building applications to run on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad is something many small companies and startups utilize. By using technologies like Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode Fleur builds elegant native games and applications.

Native | Android

More than 60% of the smart phones in the world run on the Android platform. By building a native application with Java you can have a high-performance app for your users, and also have access to the largest potential user base in the world.

Hybrid | React Native

React Native is a cross-platform framework that allows a code base to be written for both platforms with only pieces of the code needing to be written natively. This is a great choice for website development companies looking to build an app or have one built for a customer as the code base is written in JavaScript, the language of the browser.

Hybrid | Ionic

Ionic is a great framework for building cross-platform applications. Ionic runs on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and as Progressive Web Applications. Choose Ionic for your next project to write once, run anywhere.

Hybrid | Flutter

Flutter is a great cross-platform framework for iOS and Android. Flutter is backed by Google and comes built in with platform awareness, powerful APIs, and User Interface Widgets allowing for beautiful applications. Add Flutter with Fleur to your next project!