Social Media

Social Media Management

Do you need help with your social media? Hire Fleur Technologies to be your social media manager. As a dedicated social media manager we provide a variety of services including platform setup, content creation, marketing campaign design and execution, advertising, and monitoring. We offer four packages: two single platform options, and two multi platform options.

Management Options

Lead Funnel

One of the most important factors you can consider is new leads to your business. You can't have new customers without first having potential leads. These leads are generated via a lead funnel. A lead funnel is a term Fleur uses to talk about your overall social media direction. Is your lead funnel directing people to your store? Your profile? Your website? Your email? In what way are you generating these new leads.

Which Platforms?

The platforms that Fleur has found great success in using are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter, and YouTube. Our services may also be utilized for blog platforms, Google My Business, Reddit, and job platforms. Different platforms are better for different businesses. Large businesses looking for employees and selling large scale services may sell better on one platform while selling consumer products is generally better of being marketed on another.

Social Media Marketing

The process of marketing is working towards sales of a product or service. Fleur can help you utilize social media to sell your products directly. By using platforms like Facebook for selling products, or Yelp for selling services with a discount Fleur can help you navigate all the pieces of social media marketing. By outsourcing your marketing campaigns and advertisements you can take your social media presence to a whole new level.

Social Media Management

The management of your social media is the most important factor. We can provide you with all the content, posts, campaigns, but if you don't utilize it you will never get anywhere. Yes, it is a time consuming process. To avoid the mundane tasks that come with social media, you can simply hire Fleur as your full-time media manager. This means we write, post, respond, and manage every aspect of each and every account you wish us to manage.


Advertising via social media is one of the most effective ways to have success with both your lead funnels and campaigns. Ads mean greater reach, more sharing, more leads, more sales, and of course more followers. Ads can be utilize among all the various platforms.


Campaigns for social media incorporate a variety of business techniques including basic research into demographics, markets, products, and competitors. If you are looking to sell a new service and you see your competitors charge X amount and offer Y in exchange. By using a campaign to show how your Y is greater than the competitors Y you may potentially steal customers from your competitors.