Website Design & Development

Website Types

Fleur Technologies offers a variety of website solutions. These we offer a variety of CMS based platforms, custom programmed websites, custom static websites, and e-commerce websites.

Website Updating

If you recently had a website made, or enjoy your currently solution but are looking for some simple touch ups or edits look no further. Fleur utilizes many programming languages and technologies and can easily help you update or add to your existing solution.

CMS Platforms

Our Content Management System work includes a variety of platforms, all with their own pros and cons. Our most popular CMS platforms are WordPress and Shopify, both being fantastic options for businesses. CMS platforms often allow you to edit your website easily after creation, have plug-ins to aid in business, offer easy to implement payment processing, and have dashboards to easily track and display customer and company information.

Popular Platforms

The most popular platform on the web today is WordPress today. With lots of ways to design and develop, WordPress gives you lots of options for customization while still being relatively quick to develop. The most popular e-commerce platform on the market today, Shopify, is great for stores that often add and remove products daily or weekly. With easy theme customization, we can get you set up fast. The third and final platform we enjoy working with is SquareSpace. With easy e-commerce capability, beautiful design, and easy interfacing; SquareSpace is a good choice for you next website.

Custom Development

Fleur Technologies is best known for our custom websites. While this is not for everybody, what it does allow is for you to place your website into our capable hands directly. We design the website with your feedback, go through the development process, and once launched you utilize our services for hosting, editing, maintenance, and more. What this means is if you need something done: text, call, or email. Something needs to be changed? Great, text your direct contact. This allows you to focus on your business, and leave the technology to us.

Website Design

Website design consists of 5 (five) parts. Color Palette, Typography, Layout and Flow, User Interface, and Preference. The colors used for the project will generally mirror your companies logo colors or what you chose. We help find complementary colors to form a palette. Typography is decided by choosing one our pre-made combinations. From there we can mix and match until we find something that pleases you. What your website is looking to accomplish determines how it will flow. User Interface is how your users will interact with your site and how the design with change and be impacted by user actions and vice versa. Finally, your personal preference is the most important part. This website will represent your business, and as such your vision is the critical element.

Development Options

Our custom development options branch off of three styles. The first, and most popular trend right now is JavaScript and NodeJs development. NodeJs is the ideal platform for utilizing live changes on your website. The second option we offer is Python development. Within python are a handful of web frameworks that can be used with your project. Our two most popular Python options are Django and Flask. Lastly, PHP can be utilized to build your website from scratch. In recent years, the language has done a great job of evolving into something far easier to work with alongside the Laravel framework.

Development Tools

In addition to the website platform, Fleur Technologies can use a variety of tools to build your website. Tools of great importance include security modules to protect your website from hacking and viruses. In addition, analytics software allows us to track your users and provide feedback and strategy. Hosting and domain tools will be used as well in order to connect your website to the proper domain. Finally, we utilize Google's Lighthouse test and other SEO testing software to optimize your website for high rankings and speed. More information on SEO can be found here.

Domains & Hosting

Routing your domains and hosting through us is easy. We take care of everything leaving you to focus on what matters. For more information visit our Information Technology page to find out how we work with your DNS and configure everything.

Website Maintenance Packages

Fleur Technologies offers four tiers for our maintenance and hosting packages. Please note that database hosting is not included in the packages as different databases and services may be used depending on the project. These packages are used for projects that utilize a project payment style.


Our Bronze package is the base for all your monthly needs. This package is ideal for single page apps (SPAs), custom blogs, resume websites, and businesses with low website traffic.

$20 a month | $215 a year

  • SSL Certificate
  • Stage I Advanced Hosting
  • Content Edits and Changes
  • Bi-Monthly Metric Updates
  • Yearly SEO Review


Our Silver Package is our best value package for small businesses. It includes many of the features found in the Gold package, minus the extra services. This package is recommended for small businesses just looking for hosting and maintenance.

$55 a month | $575 a year

  • SSL Certificate
  • Stage II Advanced Hosting
  • Content Editing and Changes
  • Monthly Metric Updates
  • Yearly SEO Review


Our Gold Package is the most popular package we offer. The reason is simple; it incorporates direct business aid into our monthly package at a lower rate to our loyal software customers.

Credit Hours can be applied towards software development, website, mobile apps, marketing, research, business strategy, or content creation.

$150 a month | $1575 a year

  • SSL Certificate
  • Stage II Advanced Hosting
  • Content Editing and Changes
  • Bi-Weekly Metric Updates
  • Quarterly SEO Audit and Review
  • *Credit Hours (1.5)


Our Platinum package is for businesses that have large amounts of traffic reaching their platform. In addition, the Platinum package is ideal for businesses and teams looking to outsource part of their daily/weekly/monthly work.

$500 a month | $5350 a year

  • SSL Certificate
  • Stage III Advanced Hosting
  • *Database Hosting Included
  • Weekly Metric Updates
  • Monthly SEO Audit and Review
  • *Credit Hours (5)
  • Additional Credit Hours at Discounted Rates